C2RO Cloud Robotics is looking for an outstanding AI Research Lead who is willing to solve the latest industry challenges in the multidisciplinary field of AI, computer vision and cloud robotics.

About C2RO

C2RO is a well-funded Montreal based high-tech software startup focused on developing AI-enabled software applications such as robotic vision and multi-robot collaboration solutions for mobile robots and other smart devices. Our unique cloud robotics SaaS platform allows us to process sensor data at real-time in a scalable and reliable manner which dramatically augment the cognitive, perception, and collaboration capabilities of robots in unstructured and complex environment.

The Opportunity

Having to provide for a rapidly growing industry with evolving needs, C2RO must push the frontier of robotics with an ever-improving portfolio of Cloud AI features. As such, it is crucial that our technology remains the most advanced solution on the market, an achievement made possible by a strong R&D team. Therefore, we are looking for a senior researcher with professional R&D and team management work experience in a software company with new technologies, who has a PhD or post-doctoral in computer science with a distinguished track-record in artificial intelligence research to bolster our R&D and help us fulfill our goals.

You will be working within a flourishing startup ecosystem alongside accomplished entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and developers from all corners of the world. You will be given the opportunity to hone your skills while being exposed to Cloud Robotics, AI technology and not to mention being surrounded by cool robots and advanced smart devices all day.

To succeed, you need to be an independent and strong researcher with leadership abilities. Working closely with, and under the leadership of our Chief Technology Officer, you will drive architectures and solutions that translate the R&D roadmap into enterprise ready core technology for C2RO’s world-class Cloud Robotics SaaS platform.

Your Key Responsibilities will be:

  • Significantly contribute to the research, architecture and development of the core Artificial Intelligence Engines of the C2RO Cloud Processing Platform
  • Guiding and leading teams of researchers working on AI problems on a day-to-day basis, working closely with and under the leadership of C2RO’s Chief Technology Officer
  • Exploring and Developing new Machine Learning models and data processing techniques for C2RO products
  • Regularly reviewing relevant research literature and publications to identify emerging methods or technologies and current best practices
  • Introducing creative approaches to research topics and generating new approaches, perspectives and solutions to research topics
  • Exploring new data sources and discovering techniques for best leveraging data
  • Leading the publication activities such as papers, and other AI research artifacts

Your Qualifications include:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in an environment developing new software technologies related to Artificial Intelligence
  • At least 2 years of project leadership experience managing a team of R&D resources
  • A PhD in computer science or related fields with an excellent research record in machine learning
  • A strong problem solver with the ability to have a top-down view for analyzing the problems while being able to focus on specific challenges
  • A PhD in computer science or related fields with an excellent research record in machine learning
  • Strong algorithmic and architecture abilities for research challenges in advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Understanding of fundamental computer science and scaling behaviors of algorithms
    • Strong familiarity with Deep Learning techniques: various network architectures (CNNs, RNNs, etc.); optimization strategies; etc
    • Familiarity with one or more typical deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow
    • Experience training and debugging neural networks
  • A strong track record of independence, innovation, and productivity in a team environment with a ‘get-it-done’ attitude
  • Excellent communication skills and an awareness of how to communicate data and results effectively

The C2RO team

We are an experienced team - agile and highly passionate - who want to change the way robots are used. We work with universities and industry partners to integrate our technology with robot manufacturers in markets such as service robots that are used in retails, restaurants, hotels, airport, etc. Together we are opening the door to new possibilities.

Take a closer look

  • Watch some of our demo videos here and here
  • Some recent news about us

Please note we will only return back to the applications that we think their experience fits with our requirements for this position.