C2RO Cloud Robotics is looking to collaborate with an outstanding research engineer willing to solve the latest industry challenges in a multidisciplinary topic in the field of cloud computing, robotics & AI.

About C2RO

C2RO is a Montreal based high-tech software startup focused on developing AI-enabled software applications for mobile robots such as AI, robotic vision and multi-robot collaboration solutions. Our cloud robotics SaaS platform allows us to process real-time sensor data in a scalable and reliable manner which dramatically augment the cognitive, perceptiveness, and collaboration capabilities of robots in unstructured and complex environment.

C2RO is a rapidly growing company with strong investor backing having already secured more than $1.4M seed funding.

The Opportunity

Having to provide for a rapidly growing industry with evolving needs, C2RO must push back the frontier of robotics with an ever-improving portfolio of Cloud AI features. As such, it is crucial that our technology remains the most advanced solution on the market, an achievement made possible by a strong R&D team. This is why we are looking for a master graduate with work experience, a PhD or a post-doctoral researcher with a distinguished track-record in the distributed system/cloud computing domain to bolster our R&D and help us fulfill our goals.

This full-time 6 months internship will be funded through an NSERC - ENGAGE research grant (the application needs to be submitted after choosing the final candidate and it will be between C2RO and the applicant's adviser). You will be working within the flourishing startup ecosystem of TandemLaunch along side accomplished entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and developers from all corners of the world. During your time at C2RO you will be given the opportunity to hone your skills while being exposed to Cloud Robotics, AI technology and not to mention being surrounded by cool robots all day.

To succeed, you need to be in independent and strong researcher in distributed systems, AI and Cloud Computing. You will need to align with our CTO and R&D Lead with the end goal of developing a world-class Cloud Robotics SaaS platform that can fuel C2RO’s business success.

Your Key Contributions

  • Carrying R&D activities in the following area
    • Cloud and edge computing
    • Telecommunication and 5G network exploration
    • Cloud-based parallel computing and distributed systems
    • Cloud Robotics performance, latency, and security aspects
  • Leading the publication activities such as papers, whitepapers and other research artifacts


  • Currently pursuing your master, PhD or post-doctoral degree from a Canadian University in computer science
  • Have excellent knowledge of software engineering, telecommunication and cloud technologies
  • Have good knowledge of software development fundamentals and Linux programming
  • Your knowledge of computer vision and robotics is a desirable asset
  • Any previous professional experience is also desirable

The C2RO team

We are an experienced team - agile and highly passionate - who want to change the way robotics are done. We work with universities and industry partners to integrate our technology with robot manufacturers in markets such as service robotics. Together we are opening the door to new possibilities.

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