Senior Software Technical Lead

C2RO is looking for a hands on technical lead to help us continue building the first cloud robotics SaaS platform.

We’re a tight-knit and passionate team with truly diverse backgrounds and deep experience who value our open, fun, and respectful culture. Amid the deadlines and commits, we take impromptu coffee breaks, have daily team lunches, and enjoy typically stimulating conversation. We take a commonsense approach to work/life balance, and the result is a hardworking team that respects and supports one another.

As part of our team, you will be responsible for leading the future development of our cloud robotics platform to bring the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to internet-connected robots.

About the Impact of Our Product

  • The C2RO platform enables robots to understand their environment via better perception capabilities and share useful knowledge using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision without costly onboard computation.

  • We are the first company to offer cloud-based SLAM (C-SLAM), which enables robots to navigate and map indoor areas autonomously.

  • Our product has been used in smart city projects like that of MIT to monitor campus activity, and demonstrate the possibilities of cloud-enabled sensor data stream processing

What We’re Looking for in You

People say that you can be counted on to recruit, motivate, and problem solve. Your teams always deliver. You are respected for your technical knowledge as much as your people skills. You’re able to read the stress-level of the team, and intuitively understand when to push and when to pull back.

  • An excellent problem solver and the one who gets things done

  • 5+ years of development team lead experience (10+ engineers)

  • Deep knowledge of Java development (7+ years of Java Programming)

  • Strong software development fundamentals and Linux programming

  • Excellent understanding of source control, preferably git

  • Experience in leading the full life cycle of a software product, from design to product delivery
  • Working knowledge of Python and JavaScript
  • Deep experience with distributed systems, cloud and messaging technologies such as AMQP, MQTT, Stream and Batch Processing, NoSQL database

Bonus Points

  • Start-up experience

  • Experience with JS frameworks such as total js, node js, etc

  • Experience with the development of a SaaS platform

  • High-level knowledge of computer vision and machine learning algorithms

What You Will Do

This job is about recruiting, management, and delivery. You’ll be recruiting and managing a team of developers that always hit their mark because you have the people skills to know how to reward and motivate. You’ll be problem-solving in a complex technical environment that will require you to go beyond the surface level and grind out the right solution. To elaborate further:

  • Lead the development of the C2RO software robotics platform, the dashboard, and the integration of the developed software modules:

  • Ensure that the product is fully and correctly defined, built, tested, and documented

  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the solution

  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

  • Diagnose technical issues and guide the team towards an optimal solution

  • Deliver the product base

  • Build, retain, and mentor an outstanding and motivated development team, and lead collaboration and communication with programmers, designers, and CTO

About Our Company

  • We’re 12 employees and growing fast with the recent addition of a CEO who previously co-founded a venture-funded technology company

  • We build an impactful product that makes robots smarter

  • We’re a portfolio company of the TandemLaunch accelerator that’s graduated funded startups like Landr and Mirametrix

  • We have involved technical advisors such as Paul Rad, the founder of the Open Cloud Institute, and Prof. Geoffrey Fox, the father of Parallel Computing in the world (the student of Richard Feynman)

  • Recently featured in MTLinTech, Machine Design, RoboticsBusinessReview, and DisruptorDaily for our innovative cloud robotics platform


  • Be part of a TandemLaunch backed startup with an option plan

  • A great referral program sitting among machine learning, robotics, cloud, and AI specialists-- smart people know smart people!

  • We’re constantly learning and sharing what we learn-- we’d love it if you shared with us too

  • Paid vacation

  • Medical/dental